Candles and Essential Oils, The Truths and the Myths

Candles and Essential Oils, The Truths and the Myths

We all know that the candle industry has boomed over the last several years. Even small businesses that sell a variety of products are now incorporating tons of different candle scents to attract more customers. What is it about candles that are so addicting? Why is this fire in a jar so mesmerizing to us? Well, I could take you on a long winded journey through time and our ancestors love of fire, but I will spare you the tangent.  I’m going to instead share with you some secrets that will make you more aware and a better candle shopper.

The first secret surrounds essential oils. Essential oils have become a major factor as to why a customer will purchase THAT candle. The truth is- essential oils are really a huge tool in marketing any aromatherapy product, but is not actually the best fit for candles.

Think about your favorite lavender oil. You will often see this oil in an aromatherapy shop or reiki center flooding the air through the use of diffusers. Water and oil will combine in the air and release a scent that triggers certain chemicals in your brain to relax, uplift or achieve some mood that you see on a bottle. This same effect is also achieved when smelling oils from the jar. It’s also achieved when smelling cologne and perfumes. You can reach euphoria by smelling a Sunday roast dinner or an autumn breeze. Scent is a trigger for our brains and senses to react a certain way. Truth is, essential oils are extremely over hyped. Do you like purchasing toxin free candles? Check this out- Imagine your lavender oil and setting it on fire… Not the best thing to breathe in. When essential oils meet fire, you can expect the same reaction as you would by putting olive or vegetable oil in a fire pit. The scent released is now also toxic. In the past few years, I’ve noticed candles are being advertised as “made 100% with essential oils”. This concept is just not a good idea and I’m honestly baffled at how that is possible. Lighting essential oils on fire and inhaling can irritate your bronchial tubes, lungs and impact overall health. The trick to using essential oils in candles is, maybe a drop. Depending on the size of the candle this could vary. Realistically, the same scents that bring you to that relaxed magical state of mind, do not need to be essential oils. The brain interprets scents and will do it’s thing regardless of essential oils or fresh flowers. This is why the beach may provide calm, or smelling an actual lavender or mint plant soothes. So the next time you are purchasing candles, try not to fall for the marketing, and go for what matters- a nice clean burning scent that is toxin free (like ours). 


Let’s talk labels. At Intentions By Christina, we kept our labels pretty simple. Labels are a major importance when designing candles. The more attractive a candle label looks, the higher the chances that particular candle is purchased. However, labels shouldn’t be the deciding factor in which candle you’re buying. As a candle addict myself, prior to stating my business I fell for it too! I found myself running to the nearest department store always trying to score a great deal on my favorite candle scents, all to be disappointed. Time after time I would experience a candle that did not have enough scent throw, wicks not staying lit and overall just really cheaply made. Now that I know candles very well, I can say on average I will see at least 80% of candles having the incorrect wicks, incorrect jar size, cheaply purchased wax mixed with paraffin and played off as soy, as well as a number of other red flags. The point here is, you can get a really cool candle in a vessel and the candle doesn’t throw scent. At this point, it’s simply an ornament. 

The candle market is saturated with experienced but also inexperienced makers. A chandler (a good chandler) has spent time perfecting their ratios for the best scents. Remember, just because it’s wax in a jar, doesn’t mean it’s a candle. Sometimes it’s a non-lightabe dud. 

Our candles are toxin free, pure soy, clean burn, and throw a scent that you’ll be impressed over. Don’t forget to purchase a sample pack to experience all of our scents while browsing our site. Happy Shopping.