Crystal Candle Order Processing Time


Our crystal candles are individually handmade. Lots of love and good intentions are infused in each candle hand poured and decorated.

Please note, Crystal Candles take time to create. Our current winter collection (Nordic Lights, Winter Spruce, Caribbean Winter) is sent as soon as possible as these have been made in advance for the winter season, however, the average turnaround time for all other crystal candles is 2-3 weeks (this excludes weekends) This time can vary depending on volume and season.

Our consultants (Druzy Representatives) may always check the status for you. For larger orders, time can vary. We cannot rush the design of these candles.

Druzy Reps will be able to check the status of your order, where we are up to and provide you with any additional info you require.

You may also host a candle party. These parties will be hosted by a Druzy Rep that services your area. Please note, as our team is growing, there may be locations our Druzy Reps are not able to travel to. In lieu of a party, you may also place a group order, should no Druzy Rep be available to service your area. We offer hosts a 10% discount and a free Crystal Candle of their choosing based on minimum party sales of at least 4 Crystal Candles per party (these benefits do not apply to group orders). Candle Parties must be conducted in person, online parties do not apply. To book a party with your Druzy Rep, a $50 deposit is required and will be refunded upon completion of your party. For party cancellations, we require a 72 hour notice or this deposit is forfeited. Please understand, this is to compensate our Druzy Rep for missed time. Each Rep Queen will block time to host your party. When notice is not provided, Druzy Reps miss out on the opportunity to host other parties as a result. You will be required to fill out a form agreeing to this prior to any party taking place. 

To reach out to one of our Druzy Reps, you may email